Thursday, April 30, 2009

Days 4&5: The Finale

I have completed the first of three modules! Here are the three dummy cakes (styrofoam covered in rolled fondant) that I created.

Cake 1: This is the cake that I started on day 2. The color flow collars on the top and base of the cake took 2 days to completely dry. I piped flower embroidery along the sides of the cake.

Cake 2: This cake combines the royal icing roses and leaves that we did on day 1 and piping string work that we learned on day 3.

Cake 3: On days 4 & 5 we learned how to make butterflies using gumpaste. We also piped lattice designs with royal icing and we learned brushed embroidery which is seen on the top of the cake. I crimped the fondant along the top edge of the cake with tiny hearts.

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