Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bridal Shower Cake

This morning, I completed this 2-tier heart shaped bridal shower cake. The top tier is a 6" heart shaped 2-layer cake and the bottom tier is a 12" heart shaped 2-layer cake.

I embossed the sides with a diamond mat approximately 30 minutes after I iced the cakes in order to let the buttercream set. The plaque on top, ribbons and bows are created with fondant. The ribbon roses are also created with fondant.

The 16" cake drum is covered with fondant and I crimped the edges with a heart-shaped crimping tool then glued a coordinating satin ribbon around the edge of the cake drum.

Graduation Friday

Today, I completed a couple of graduation cakes that will be picked up in the morning.

Cake 1: 1/4 sheet yellow cake. The mascot of her school is a Jaguar and school colors are brown and gold so I sprinkled borders with edible gold sugar.

Cake 2: 1/2 sheet yellow cake for a young lady graduating from high school. Her school colors are green and gold. The roses are buttercream and the diplomas are created with green candy melts and the diploma mold.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Grandmother's 94th Birthday!

Today, my family and I drove to Lafayette, Louisiana to celebrate my grandmother's 94th birthday! Coconut cake is her favorite so I made this 2-layer 1/2 sheet coconut cake with a coconut filling. She absolutely loved it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Module 1: Last Day

Today was the last day of the second module! The next module, which will be my last one, begins on June 14.

Cake 1: Basketweave with Gerber Daisies. The sides of this fondant covered cake were created with a Basketweave Rolling Pin. The Daisies and Ivy leaves are made of fondant.

Cake 2: Ribbon Roses. I embossed plaques with roses in the center around the side of the cake. Fondant lattice cutouts surround the top of the cake and ribbon roes made from fondant accent the base and are centered in the top of the cake.

Cake 3: Swag Cake: This hexagon shaped cake has swags along the top border. I made the purple flowers out of gumpaste with a five petal cutter and put tiny white stamens in the center of each flower.

Cake 4: Two tier stacked cake with fondant bow. This cake has lattice cutouts around the sides, ribbon roses on the top and a fondant bow in the front which is painted with pearl lustre dust.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PME Course: Day 3

This week, I am taking the second of three modules to earn a Master Cake Decorator Certification. I completed this 2-layer 8" square cake covered in fondant today. I got to take this cake home today because there is real cake under that fondant so it must be eaten soon! What a shame!

The fondant ruffle border is created with a straight Garrett Frill cutter and eyelet cutters. The 3 D teddy on top is created with gumpaste and I molded the baby with fondant and draped a fondant blanket around her. The ball, rocking horse cutouts and teddy bears around the border are all made with fondant.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prairie View A&M Graduation

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing for a Prairiew View A&M Grad! The roses are made with buttercream icing.

Bowling Alley Cake

This is a full sheet marble cake with buttercream icing. Happy Birthday Braylon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mardi Gras Cake

This cake is a Mardi Gras themed birthday cake. It is a full sheet cake with a 2-layer 10" round stacked on top.

Locker Graduation Cake

This is a full sheet cake iced in buttercream with fondant cutouts for the banners. The end lockers display the high school that each student graduated from and the center locker displays the college that each student will attend in the fall.

Friday, May 8, 2009

University of Texas at Tyler

This is a cake for a young man who just graduated from UT Tyler. I baked 1/2 of the Sports ball pan for the basketball then I drew the Patriots mascot on the cake and filled it in with tip #16 stars. The diplomas in the corners were created with white candy melts and the diploma candy mold.